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Grab your friends, family and colleagues, and get involved in a ShelterBox event.

When disaster strikes, our ShelterBox response Team goes to the ragged ends of the earth to reach communities in need and ensure that no family goes without shelter.

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Sharing the ShelterBox message

Six teams participated in our Annual ShelterBox Big Green Box event in May. Each team followed a preset list of clues/riddles which took them on a journey around the historic town of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. As part of the challenge, participants were asked to engage with local businesses, hotels and individuals on the street to share the ShelterBox message.

During the event they were also set various challenges, including erecting a ShelterBox tent with only an instruction sheet; completing a ShelterBox puzzle and communicating with the local community through social media.

The event was a huge success, and as well as making many new friends and sharing the ShelterBox message with the local community, the teams collectively raised a huge amount to support our work in providing emergency aid for those in need following disaster.

Missed it this year?

Please contact us for more details on next year’s event or to hear more about future events for 2018.

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